PCF&G Coyote, Fox, & Raccoon Hunt Results 2023

A big Thank You to all of our participants and members who helped make this year’s hunt a big success!

COYOTE—19 Weighed

Jim Yarnell44.7 lbs.
Joe Booker42.9 lbs.
Brian Keys42.5 lbs.
Logan Broyoa40.2 lbs.
Kyle Belles39.4 lbs.
Robert A. Cragle39.4 lbs.
Tom Strause38.7 lbs.
Derek Warnick36.8 lbs.
Jason Brown36.3 lbs.
Bryon Cragle35.9 lbs.
Larry Loch35.0 lbs.
Paul Blatt33.0 lbs.
Zach Zellers30.1 lbs.

FOX—67 Weighed

Rick Cimino17.8 lbs.
Tom Strouse16.7 lbs.
Chris Kutt15.8 lbs.

RACCOON—39 Weighed

Kevin Shaub15.6 lbs.
Larry Bennet14.7 lbs.
Chad Weishaar14.3 lbs.
George Pressley14.3 lbs.
Mike Rucker14.1 lbs.
Joe Booker13.8 lbs.
Brian Key13.8 lbs.
William Moyer13.6 lbs.
Jason Brown13.6 lbs.
Paul Blatt13.4 lbs.
Steve Davis13.4 lbs.
Mike Miller13.2 lbs.
Angela Yost13.0 lbs.