Block Shoot Rules

Please follow these rules when participating in any of our Block Shoots. Thank you!


  1. All rules of firearm safety must be observed at all times.
  2. We reserve the right to deny any visibly intoxicated person of their privilege to shoot.
  3. Judge’s decision is final. Any ties declared will be decided by a shoot-off.
  4. Maximum barrel length is 30″ to 32″ field grade.
  5. No sleeved or otherwise modified barrels. No poly chokes.
  6. No chokes over 1″ past the end of the barrel.
  7. No magnified sights.
  8. Shooters have five (5) minutes to answer 1st call or be placed at the end of the line. Second no-show is a forfeit.

For minors under eighteen years of age: a parent, guardian, or custodian must sign our Minor Indemnification form, which you can download, print, and mail.

Please note: In order to be permitted into any of our hunting, fishing, or shooting activities, participants must sign a Waiver and Release Agreement, which is available to download, print, and mail.